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Join thousands of investors nationwide who are learning to become the CEOs of their own wealth building company.

The Royal Vault is a collection of resources to help you on your journey to becoming financially free. 

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Does this sound like you?

  • You want to leverage your investments to accelerate cash flow and net worth
  • You know you need legal protection and want bulletproof privacy
  • You hate overpaying on taxes
  • You want a plan to protect and provide for your loved ones if you're no longer able to
  • You dream of having a proven system and team you trust to do the heavy lifting for you
  • You believe this complete solution must exist, but you haven’t found it yet

The simple truth is you can accelerate your cash flow and net worth with investing.

However, you’re wasting time with endless research because you can’t find the right system or team to ensure everything is done right.

We are the only people dedicated to solving this problem for real estate investors.

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Scott Smith


Hi there, my name is Scott Smith. I'm a former litigator that now helps real estate investors protect their ass-ets. I am personally and currently invested in every type of real estate assets class (single family, multi-family, commercial, syndication, land, and notes).

  • 2012 - I bought and flipped my first property (an auto-repair business) during law school to graduate debt free
  • 2013 - I started my career as a litigation attorney suing insurance companies up through the Appellate Court
  • 2014 - I scaled to 10 properties, left my job, and founded Royal Legal Solutions to focus on real estate and wealth building full time

Since 2014, I've built a fully digital law firm with an in-house team of attorneys, paralegals, CPAs, insurance agents, and investing specialists. We protect +$1.2 billion in assets for over 2,000 real estate investors in all 50 states.

On average, we defend against one lawsuit per month and help clients save $9,000-12,000/year on tax.

Our Clients

We've helped over 2,000 investors nationwide. Watch some of their stories below, or visit our website for hundreds of reviews and testimonials.